Learning to Write the Alphabet: A Simple Guide to Writing A, B, C, and D - Easy Draw Tutorials

Learning how to write the alphabet is one of the foundational skills in early education. Today, we're focusing on the first four letters: A, B, C, and D. This guide is perfect for parents who want to assist their children in learning these basic letters or for anyone looking to refresh their alphabet writing skills.

Tutorial Video

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser

Steps to Write Letter A

Step 1: Draw a Slanting Line Downward

Begin by drawing a line that slants from left to right.

Step 2: Draw the Opposite Slanting Line

Draw another line, but this time slanting downward from right to left, meeting the first line at the bottom to form an upside-down 'V'.

Step 3: Draw the Horizontal Line

Finally, draw a horizontal line across the middle of the two slanting lines to complete the letter 'A'.

Steps to Write Letter B

Step 1: Draw the Vertical Line

Start by drawing a vertical line, which will serve as the backbone of the letter 'B'.

Step 2: Draw the First Curve

Draw a curve from the top end of the vertical line, bringing it back to meet the line roughly at the middle.

Step 3: Draw the Second Curve

Draw another curve from the middle of the vertical line to the bottom, creating the second bubble of 'B'.

Steps to Write Letter C

Step 1: Start with a Curve

Start by drawing a curve that begins at the top and ends at the bottom, facing the right side, to create the letter 'C'.

Steps to Write Letter D

Step 1: Draw the Vertical Line

Just like with 'B', begin by drawing a vertical line.

Step 2: Draw the Curve

Draw a large curve starting from the top end of the vertical line and connecting it back to the bottom end to complete the letter 'D'.